Lian Tejarat Pishgaman Ilia

It is one of the collections active in the field of import and supply of raw materials for various industries, including food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and livestock and poultry industries.





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Liyan Tejarat Pishgaman Company is one of the companies active in importing and supplying raw materials for different industries including food industries, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, hygienic and animal and poultry materials. The above company has started its activity in 2019 employing expert and experienced staff and based on the most updated knowledge. Nowadays, this is considered as one of the valid and reliable companies knowing its success depending on customer satisfaction with selling high quality products.

Food industry

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Food industry

Pharmaceutical and supplements industries

Hygiene and cosmetic industries

Animal and poultry industries

Lian Tejarat Peshgaman Ilia, one of the leading importing and raw material supply companies, has started its activities in order to raise the quality level of the producers’ products, and until today, it has been able to provide the best quality brands in accordance with the demands of the customers in the domestic market. In this regard, in order to speed up the product selection process, it has categorized its raw materials into raw materials for the food industry, raw materials for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and raw materials for animal and poultry feed industries:




Food and drink:

Emulsifiers, hydrocolloids, process aids, acid substances, natural and synthetic antioxidants, colors, sweeteners, carbohydrates, flavors, flavor enhancers, amino acids, plant extracts, spices.

Pharmaceutical and complements industries :

All kinds of natural vitamins and antioxidants

Hygiene and cosmetic industries :

Moisturizers and moisture absorbers, cosmetic active ingredients, emollients, emulsifiers and solvents, amino acids, micronutrients, plant extracts, perfumes, preservatives, scrub agents, surfactants and foaming agents, Thickening and stabilizing texture, waxes, pigments, biocides

Animal and poultry industries :

Carbohydrates, fibers, lipids, amino acids, natural and synthetic antioxidants, and supplies